Sweet, Cute And Funny Romantic Memes To Make Him/Her Happy

All about romantic memes to make your relationship cute, funny, and special.

Since ancient times, mankind has witnessed many romantic gestures between men and women. Expressing your love and romance has always had a special place in many cultures across ages. So, how about this age? Romance has found a new way to reach the hearts of your love- through memes!

Romance is a complex mix of strong emotions- love, passion, drama, humor, anxiety… the list goes on. It is obvious, relationships are always complicated. What really makes it interesting is knowing what makes your other half tick. And memes are perfect for almost anything you want to convey which mere words can’t.

Cute “I love you” meme for her

When your girlfriend/boyfriend is mad at you

I love you no matter what meme

Cute memes to send to your girlfriend

cute memes to send to your girlfriend

Meme to make him smile

funny memes for her
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/425660602255919320/

Social media is booming with countless memes on love and romance. Meaning, its no stranger to your every-once-in-a-while meme trends. For instance, when the trend for sharing cute memes based on cats was a rage, 9gag.com shared this really cute collage of attention-seeking cats

funny romantic mood

It went viral and the next thing you know, it triggered a trend of sharing funny romantic memes featuring cats and other cute animals

i want you memes for her

crazy about you meme

sweet memes to send your girlfriend

Speaking of trending romantic memes; this is one’s a lot peculiar- the “What Would You Do If We Kissed” memes. As it says, the “What if we kissed” trend came in as a no holds barred social media smooch-fest on the eve of this year’s Valentine’s where everyone was declaring their crush or confessing.

what if we kissed memes
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/comments/euxis0/what_if_we_kissed_with_our_masks_on/

Now, at first, it was all about the “I love you” or “I heart you” vibe which got real strange real quick as people began to include all sorts of fantasies and specifics to the point where it was very intimate to a few. Which would make the meme either very sweet or really cringy:

Apparently, the gaming and internet-based crush culture has added its own twist these memes have turned so adorably warped they seem pure nonsense to those unfamiliar with the theme say like those below-

what would you do if we kissed meme
Starting from top left-
Reference: Silent Hill- Video game
Reference: Family Guy- TV show
Reference: The Blair Witch- Movie/Video game
Reference: Homestuck- Webcomic series (I’m not sure about this one)

Not to mention this gem which I found doodling during research

what if we kissed memes

“Love has no boundaries” and neither do memes. No wonder memes have become every hearts get to go for romance. Funny or sad, happy or angry, honest, or cheesy you get all sorts of memes to spice your relationship online.

funny romantic memes
Just another funny meme about love

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