What is Nephilim Height? How Tall were the Nephilim?

Here are some interesting questions- What is Nephilim height? How tall were(are) Nephilim? Want to find out the answer? Give this article a read.
Here are some interesting questions- What is Nephilim height? How tall were(are) Nephilim? Want to find out the answer? Give this article a read.

Ever since ancient times, men have conjured up the most bizarre fantasies. Myths, legends, chronicles, they have been telling stories that endured the test of time. It makes one wonder, “is it all really a fantasy or, is there some truth behind it all?” I was writing this particular piece while trying to find what’s what when I stumbled upon Nephilim.

Over many narratives like the Bible and Genesis, these beings have had various descriptions. Some have beckoned them as fallen angels that were sons of God who roamed the Earth as heavenly beings. Then there were others that portrayed them as colossal giants. The excerpts from Genesis that have made a notable mention about them are still ambiguous.

Let’s talk about how tall were Nephilim.

There are various references for Nephilims and, all of them talk about their height. The anecdotes interpret Nephilim as tall giants. Although there is not much to write about how tall they were (there were just too many accounts, and everyone had to say something different), I got something.

Apparently, there have been historical records that led some experts to draft a Nephilim height chart.

nephilim height chart,

So, apart from accounts, there were archeological findings. Skeletons and remains of gigantic humanoids were reported that brought some sense to the tales. Yes, these discoveries were amazing, but they were “reported.” It has led to many debates and controversies over the years that eventually pointed to many famous legends.

It is something I never expected to discover. Remember the story of David and Goliath? Well, guess what race the Philistines giant belonged to?

That’s right, fellows!

So how tall was Goliath?

Many texts have confirmed Goliath as a Nephilim. There are still diverse details about his height. Some say Goliath stood at four cubits and a span which is about 7.80 feet (2.38 meters). Another scripture accounts that the Nephilim was six cubits and a span standing at about 11.35 feet (3.46 m)tall.

Ok, now before you go all Biblical on me, know this- I am a guy who writes an account on what I read online. I wrote this article because I was curious about Nephilim.

I am no expert on myths and legends! But it does not mean I don’t enjoy reading stuff about it. All I want to tell you guys was what I read about Nephilim and how tall they are or what their height is.

I do hope you enjoyed it.

What is the origin of the word Nephilim?

The origin of the word Nephilim is uncertain, but it appears in the Hebrew Bible in the book of Genesis, referring to a group of beings described as “mighty men” or “giants.” The Hebrew word Nephilim (נְפִילִים) is derived from the root word naphal (נפל), which means “to fall.”