Cyber Monday Memes 2022

25 funny cyber Monday memes to share with your shopping and work buddies.
25 funny cyber Monday memes to share with your shopping and work buddies.

The most anticipated Monday of the year for all, Cyber Monday or “Blue Monday” is the best chance to seek redemption for those who missed on some great black Friday deals. People have already planned their shopping budgets and recovered from their black Friday nightmares. There is still a lot of time for the event which has presented itself to be a reasonable alternative to black Friday as stores small and big alike post great deals for online shoppers.

As it gets closer, social media is going to be flooded with advertisements of cyber Monday deals and offers, enough to entice anyone to let their pockets loose. Not to mention it would be a hot topic on most platforms as people would like to know and share their interests as well as those annually rare sweet deals.

Being on social media and chatting without memes has never been an option. Thus, we have compiled a set of some of the most sarcastic, hilarious as well as happy cyber Monday memes.

Choose wisely-

Shopping at workplace on Cyber Monday?

Cyber monday workplace meme

The buyer’s dilemma…

Cyber Monday buyer's dilemma meme

The regret of Black Friday…

Best cyber Monday deals meme

Holiday shopping is best done on…

cyber Monday shopping meme

Can’t resist the sweet discounts…

Black Friday Cyber Mondaymeme

Me and the boys on Cyber Monday-

Cyber Monday 2020 meme

Planning a solid budget for Cyber Monday?

funny cyber monday memes

When you see great sales on new products…

cyber monday shopping meme

When you can’t choose between work and your shopping…

cyber monday work meme

The best Monday of the year!

cyber monday morning meme

The aftermath of cyber Monday…

cyber monday hilarious memes

Reason you should save money for cyber Monday…

hilarious cyber monday memes

Setting your priorities straight…

cyber monday work memes 2020

Why I like cyber monday more than black friday?

cyber monday black friday memes

Online shopping with family be like-

cyber monday shopping meme

No money no deal…

cyber monday meme 2020

That hurts the most…

Cyber monday funny meme

When you’re “forced” to take a leave on a cyber Monday

What do you meme cyber monday

Better watch out for the server crash

memes del cyber monday

Yup, got to work extra hard for limited sale.

funny cyber monday work meme

Easy come, easy go!

cyber monday black friday meme

Desperately waiting…

Never underestimate Cyber Monday sales!

Ultimate boss fight: Cyber Monday shopping vs Work

happy cyber monday meme 2020

The most awaited Monday of the year is set to come at November 30. We do hope you make the most of it. Feel free to share the post with your friends and acquaintances, and be sure to tell us what do you meme on cyber Monday in comments.

Have a great day!