Top 5 teammate collisions

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In Formula 1, the last thing you want to do is collide with your teammate.

Jean Alesi vs. Nick Heidfeld- 2000 Austrian Grand Prix

Two weeks after their collision in France, the Prost teammates touched each other again in Austria. Jean Alesi tipped the German driver into a spin and both the drivers were forced to retire from the race.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber-2010 Turkish Grand Prix

At the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, Webber qualified in pole position whereas Vettel started from third. On lap 40, running second behind his Red Bull teammate, Vettel made a passing move on Webber but it didn’t go well. Vettel retired with a punctured right-rear tyre while Webber pitted for repairs and finished third. It was Webber’s 4th collision with a teammate in F1.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg- 2016 Spanish GP

In 2016 Spanish GP, Rosberg overtook pole setter Hamilton on turn 1. Hamilton then tried to regain his position but it didn’t go well. While covering the inside, Rosberg left his Mercedes teammate on the grass where Hamilton lost his control and took out his teammate, ending the race of both Mercedes drivers. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, there was another contact between them in last weekend’s Austrian GP.

David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen- 1999 Austrian GP

In the 1999 Austrian GP, after a bad start from pole, David Coulthard nudged his McLaren teammate on the first lap. Mika Haikkinen spun at the back of the field but still managed a superb third-place finish. David Coulthard finished second behind Ferrari’s Eddie Irvine. It was their second crash after 1996 Portuguese GP and in 1999 Belgium GP the two touched yet again.

Alain Prost & Ayrton Senna – 1989 Japanese GP

Prost had a 16 point advantage over Senna when they arrived at the penultimate race in Japan. Senna had to win this race to keep his championship hopes alive. Running second behind Prost, on lap 46, Senna attempted a pass on the inside at the last chicane. But with Prost refusing to yield the pair made a contact. The collision caused both McLarens to slide into the runoff area and their engine went off. Prost got out of his car while Senna received a push start from the marshals. Senna went on to win the race but later he was disqualified for receiving an illegal push start. Prost won his 3rd title and left McLaren after the final race.

“I never caused the accident at Suzuka. It was never my responsibility, but I was blamed for everything. I was treated like a criminal”, said Senna ahead of the final race of that season.

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