Why Australia Celebrates Christmas in Summer?



The very first thing that comes to the mind when we think about Christmas is Snow! Then fireplace, warm clothes & Hot Turkey!

But all these things can be enjoyed by the rest of the world except Australia.

Yes! you read it right, Australia and New Zealand are the only countries who celebrate Christmas in summer.

But Why Australia & New Zealand Celebrates Christmas in Summer?

Firstly let’s talk about some facts, Well the reason behind Australia celebrating Christmas in summer is that Australia falls in the southern hemisphere. The rest of the countries in the northern hemisphere have a seasonal pattern as summer, rainy, and winter, whereas this is exactly the reverse for Australia.

The seasonal pattern goes like winter, rainy, and summer. But summer can never plunder the spirit of Christmas. People in Australia love summers as much as they adore Christmas. So it’s like a cherry on the cake for them.

Though they can’t experience the joy of relaxing near the fireplace while sipping a hot cup of cocoa and singing Christmas songs. They do have family dinners, get-togethers, parties, and Christmas decorations. The towns are decorated magnificently with a 100% Christmas spirit. Australia is a multicultural place where we have people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. It’s so wonderful to see people celebrating Christmas in various ways where everyone gets to experience different cultures and their essence.

why is it summer in australia during christmas

Christmas is all about Jesus’ birth, prayers, family & food. So it doesn’t matter which season we celebrate Christmas in but what matters is that you get to enjoy it. And when it comes to living life fully… Australians are never behind.

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